DIY Car Tire Planters


Today I tried a new way to reuse tires: upcycled raised garden beds. And I am super pleased with the results!

Disclaimer: all of this is outrageously DIY. There are probably better ways to accomplish this… but here are the steps I took.


Step 1: Find tire, clean tire. If you want the paint job to look decent, you can’t have a muddy tire.


Step 2. Prime the tire. I used regular indoor/outdoor spray paint from a hardware store.


Step 3. Drink beer Paint the tire with the desired colour. I choose blue. Because it’s nice.

Step 4. I made a makeshift platform for the tire. I wasn’t sure if I was happy with where I placed it, so I wanted the option to move it around. I made the platform with wood salvaged from my neighbor’s firewood pile (with permission). I left spacing between the planks for drainage.



Step…. 5? Yes, step 5. I wanted to put something between the platform and the tire… and the closest thing around to accomplish this task was a garbage bag with holes in it. So I used that and put even more holes to ensure drainage.


Step 6. Add soil and enjoy!!! I planted my tomato plants and colourful flowers to make the planter stand out.




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